Second intellectual output include Developing the ECOLES education material content for the Virtual Manager game This activity refers to the design of the training modules structure, identification and collection of material needed. Lead partner will assess its compatibility with ECOLES prioritized needs, determine required adaptations and determine how this may be incorporated in the intended training modules. Content will be organised in thematic chapters which will include quizzes, “role playing” scenarios, learning outcomes etc. The proposed sections for the material to be developed will be based on the findings of IO1, as well as, on indicative topic proposals on various issues (i.e. Consumer rights, Consumer power and the web, Product safety, Sustainable consumption, Food safety, Pricing, Digital skills ) of the partners through their experience.

Introductory video for modules. You can follow our


Educational modules and materials in five languages

Country / Educational ModulesEnglish GreekPolishEstonianBulgarian

BGConsumer Rights
CYPConsumer power and the web
POLProduct safety
ESTDigital skills
ESTSustainable consumption
IRLFood Safety
-Pathfinder for Educators